"We serve you being aware of the favour that you have choosen us."
General introduction
Food and Drink
Banquet and Mettings
Photo Gallery
Human Resources
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Banquet and Mettings
We are happy to serve you with our saloon which has a capacity of 175 persons and various rich menu alternatives for your : wedding, badge, graduation party; gala, bussiness meals and other organisations.
Our meeting saloons provide a capacity up to 100 persons.
Saloon Plan
Metting Equipments
Projector, Projector curtain, sound system, mixer with 10 channel, wired-wireless microphone, lapel microphone?, DVD Player, 3+1 sound system for computers, comapct printer, telephone, fax, flip chard, podium, 45 cm meeting desk.
Multimedia PC, scanner, photocopy, printer.
Saloon decoration, live music, professional sound and enlightment
systems, photograph and video recording.
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